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The importance of sustainable tourism

An African Safari is a unique adventure that should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lives. In order for that to be possible for future generations it is very important that we practice sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism takes into consideration the economic, cultural and environmental impact that tourism activities have on the present and future generations. One of the key benefits of sustainable tourism is the focus on protecting the environment and natural resources. The earth has many ecosystems that are not renewable which means that we should avoid damaging them. Sustainable tourism also means that tourists are able to experience life like a local while creating amazing memories and experiences.

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About Us

The Land and Life Foundation is committed to protecting wildlife and ensuring that communities living in the vicinity of wildlife areas genuinely benefit from tourism. Some of their programs include:

  1. Wildlife Warrior Program that aims to take its top conservation scholars to tertiary level of education. 

  2. Nature conservation program that aims to help protect elephants.

  3. Medical support program that aims to address the core priorities of healthcare in Laikipia and Maasai Mara.

  4. School support program that aims to support schools near key conservation areas in Kenya and Tanzania.

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